Valentine’s Day: The Other Black Friday

I don’t like Valentine’s Day. When I lived in Israel, February 14 was just another day, so I didn’t have to worry about it. There is an Israeli Valentine’s Day, but I could ignore it because it doesn’t receive anywhere near the hype that its American counterpart gets.

First, I’m not a red-roses kind of girl. I find red roses to be too traditional; too conventional. I think that anyone who buys their significant other red roses lacks creativity. Receiving red roses would not make an impression on me.

However, if those roses were in some other, more unusual color, like, say -royal blue – THEN I might notice. Any other non-traditional or tropical flower would catch my attention, too. Lilies are good. So are irises or freesia. Birds of paradise are great.

But red roses are just boring. I hereby declare them over – as if I had any right to declare anything of the sort.

Second, I don’t believe in relationships. I, as a woman, do not want to spend the rest of my life obeying a man. I do not want to be property. I do not want to be a servant. And that is what women are when we involve ourselves with men. I simply can’t condone it.