Derailed By A Netbook

Can you believe that this morning I was actually considering being able to fly out to LA next month for one night just to see Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster?

Not anymore.

See, at 5:15 PM today I was working on my Netbook when it froze. So I hit the power button, expecting to restart it. No dice. It refused to boot. I took it to Dad, who messed around with it and concluded that it wouldn’t boot.

I, however, need a laptop on which to work. No laptop = no work = no money. And we all know what no money means, especially in this economy.

So off I went to Best Buy, looking for the cheapest laptop I could find. I ended up with a Toshiba Satellite C655. Aside from being several times larger than my conveniently-sized Netbook, it has a CD/DVD drive. And a shiny new screen with a pretty new pink Hello Kitty background.

Yes, I like Hello Kitty. I’m a girl. Get over it.

But that laptop cost me around $400.::sigh::

Here’s the hoping it lives a good long life.