Tribute to Paget Brewster

I love Criminal Minds and I love Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss. Here’s why.

She’s a badass. She carries a gun (though I’m not a gun-lover) and she is rarely thrown by anything. She is the female glue that keeps that team together; when they let their tempers get the better of them, she’s the one that pulls them back.

At the same time, she’s much warmer and gentler than Elle was, in my humble opinion.

She’s the daughter of diplomats and she speaks multiple languages. I can relate to this, as my grandfather was a diplomat and many people in my maternal family speak multiple languages as well (though I’ve got the most of all of them).

On top of that, we have similar coloring (hair, skin) and that’s cool.

She’s exactly the kind of woman I always wanted to be.

As for what I’ve heard about Paget herself, it sounds to me like she’s the kind of person everyone loves. And that’s really cool, too. I haven’t met her, so I’m going on hearsay, but all hearsay sounds the same.

This is her last day on set, and after several years on Criminal Minds, she will be sorely missed by thousands of people all over the world.

This sucks.