About LanguageChick

I am an aspiring linguist and analyst who lives in the Washington, DC area. I possess two degrees in Middle Eastern Studies and one in Hispanic Studies and I lived in the Middle East for 3.5 years – from mid-2006 to late 2009. I speak English, Hebrew and Spanish fluently and I used to speak really good Arabic – seven years ago.

I work two part-time jobs: one as a freelance writer and one as a researcher and social media outreach coordinator for a local marketing agency. In my free time, I dance, run, otherwise work out, read, play on the Internet and watch lots and lots of Criminal Minds.

If there is one thing I am most proud of recently, it is that a year ago, when CBS made the crack decision to cut AJ Cook and Paget Brewster from the Criminal Minds cast, I wrote a petition in the dead of night, from my bed in my pajamas, that I thought no one would ever read, let alone sign. Fast forward a week to 43,000 names from around the globe. Love and efforts were flying fast and furious among fans on Twitter and blogs. Fast forward a year and CBS had completely backtracked.


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