Derailed By A Netbook

Can you believe that this morning I was actually considering being able to fly out to LA next month for one night just to see Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster?

Not anymore.

See, at 5:15 PM today I was working on my Netbook when it froze. So I hit the power button, expecting to restart it. No dice. It refused to boot. I took it to Dad, who messed around with it and concluded that it wouldn’t boot.

I, however, need a laptop on which to work. No laptop = no work = no money. And we all know what no money means, especially in this economy.

So off I went to Best Buy, looking for the cheapest laptop I could find. I ended up with a Toshiba Satellite C655. Aside from being several times larger than my conveniently-sized Netbook, it has a CD/DVD drive. And a shiny new screen with a pretty new pink Hello Kitty background.

Yes, I like Hello Kitty. I’m a girl. Get over it.

But that laptop cost me around $400.::sigh::

Here’s the hoping it lives a good long life.


“They’ll Buy You A Life”

Don’t live your life like you’re the only one in it
don’t waste another minute
thinking about yourself.
Open up and throw back all your covers
your sisters and your brothers
they’ll buy you a life.

In the interest of giving credit where it’s due, this song is called “Buy You A Life” and comes from the Young Dubliners’ “Saints and Sinners” album.

I’m making more money now. Not enough money to live on my own, but more than previously.

I used to think that there were things in life that were more important than money, but since I’ve moved back to the US, I’ve come to realize that money IS everything. You can’t do anything in this country without it. You can’t even properly take care of your health without it here.

Is it a sad day when I burn with envy for Canadians?

Life is still limited. I still don’t leave my room much. I still watch lots of Criminal Minds and read lots of fanfiction. If I were in NYC, I would be out occupying Wall Street with all of the 99% disenfranchised poor-to-average Americans.

Come February, however, I’m actually going on JocoCruiseCrazy2. There are lots of people going on this cruise, including Paul and Storm whom I’ve known for a long time (you should see their new iPad merch system!) and Paul F. Tompkins, a comedian who is a friend of Paget Brewster. No, I’m not going to be the squee-ing fangirl who asks him loads of questions about her. I’m not 16 anymore. I can’t admit to not being intrigued, however.

There are a bunch of other performers, but I really don’t know anything about them.

I just want out of the country.